Research assistants

  • CJ Chen            — Wind modifications of coastal current stability
  • Pin-Yu Huang  — Administrator  (with Profs. Justin Ko and Emmy Chang)

Postdoctoral researcher

  • Alejandra Sanchez-Rios (Ph.D Oregon State Univ.) — Responses of ambient ocean to plume mixing


  • Chia-Ying Kuo (master) — Propagation of quasi-geostrophic eddies

Former members

  • Kofan Lu (RA; now Ph.D student at Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks) — Effects of continental shelf tides on the spreading of sediment-laden gravity current
  • Yun Chang (RA; now Ph.D student at UNC) — Simulations of two-layer hydraulics over a constriction
  • Julia Chang (RA; now Ph.D student at UVic, Canada) — Slope control on the coastal current transport
  • Cheng-Wei Su (master 2014) — Hyperpycnal flow structure in gaoping submarine canyon-sensitivity to settling velocity (2nd place, Student Poster Award, Taiwan Ocean Sciences Conference 2014)
  • Sih-Yu Chen (master 2016; now at NSYSU) — Generation of upwelling circulation within coastal currents during downwelling-favorable wind (2nd place, Student Poster Award, Taiwan Ocean Sciences Conference 2015)
  • Fucent Hsu (undergraduate student 2019; now Ph.D student at Oregon State Univ.) — Arrest of density fronts on a slope
  • 城豪澤 (master 2019) — Daily near surface temperature variation mechanism of Dongsha Atoll during summer 2014 (3rd place, Student Poster Presentation, TOSC 2018)
  • 蔣學博 (master 2019) — Testing a zero-potential-vorticity outflow theory (2nd place, Student Oral Presentation, TGA 2019)
  • Sandy Tsai (now at China Airline)